Top Ten Tuesday: new-to-me authors in 2016

Of the 26 books I’ve managed to finish so far this year, more than half have been by authors I’ve not read before. That’s quite nice. I had a bit of trouble finding time to work on this post as thoroughly as I’d have liked so here are just five that stand out:  

1.      Ismail Kadare. The Fall of the Stone City was a bewildering read and I’m not sure I did it justice but while I failed miserably to get to grips with the plot, I loved the beautifully lyrical writing enough to want to read more. 

2.      Elena Ferrante. An obvious choice but I read the first two books in the Neapolitan series (reviews here and here) earlier this year and got shamelessly hooked on both. 

3.      Theodor Fontane. Not that I know the names of any other works by Theodor Fontane but I liked the gentleness of On Tangled Paths.  

4.      Azar Nafisi. I love love loved Reading Lolita in Tehran. Books about the love of books are always brilliant, especially when they take old favourites and look at them from a completely new point of view. 

5.      Isabel Allende. Ok. I know I didn’t like Daughter of Fortune  all that much but I’ve heard so many good things about her books that I think I probably need to give her another try. I’m truly desperate to love her. 

That’s it for this week, folks!

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