Northumberland and some new books


I’ve had a lovely weekend in blustery Northumberland, where P has been working for the past week. The scenery up there is incredible – so bleak and dramatic. We camped on a hillside, hiked along Hadrian’s Wall and spent a day on Holy Island amongst the Lindisfarne ruins.  I was hoping that we’d be able to stop in at the famous Barter Books while we were near Alnick but unfortunately I misjudged the tides and we didn’t make it back onto the mainland in time. But nevermind, there’s always next year.

P is staying up there for another week so this morning I said my goodbyes and began making my way home. I caught the slow train to Newcastle where I had a two hour wait for my connecting train. It was raining pretty heavily by then so I dumped my luggage in a locker, had a quick tea and a pasty in Greggs and then set off in search of a good book shop in which to while away some time.

         Books for Amnesty

It took a while but eventually I stumbled on Books For Amnesty on Westgate Street. I sometimes find that charity bookshops can be a bit limited but this one was perfect for me. I had a quick glance at the first editions and antiquarian books before moving on to general fiction, the classics, poetry, British history and finally world history. I stayed on the ground floor and found everything I wanted but I think there was more upstairs if I’d fancied venturing further. I spent £9 and came away with two non-fiction books (both on English church history) as well as Thomas Hardy’s The Woodlanders and The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. Added to the four books I purchased at the library old-stock sale last week, and another I purchased at the Roman Army Museum on Saturday, this is nine books this month. Eeek!

I’ve since resolved not to buy any more until I’ve made more headway with the unread books I have at home.

A little bit later I also found a good sized Waterstones near Grey’s Monument. I had a quick gander but generally I try not to buy new books. Although, there’s something about the smell of a Waterstones that nearly makes me change my mind every time I’m in one. But as wonderful as new books are I usually chicken out before I buy anything. Sometimes it’s just nice to go in to browse and enjoy that smell.

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