On Bathsheba Everdene

My progress through Far From The Madding Crowd has been pretty sluggish. I get easily distracted, that’s my problem. First it was the lovely weather and then the General Election came along… I wasted hours and hours (days even) checking the BBC website repeatedly for updates. It was time I could have spent reading. It’s a shame really, particularly when the updates only made me more bitter.

But anyway, I’m over it now. Time to move on.

The first part of FFTMC has been pretty leisurely and unhurried. Now that I’m just inching into the last half things are starting to get moving. Gone are the days when the only excitement offered was in the form of some dead sheep and a fire in a hay stack. I don’t miss those days.

I’m starting to feel a bit more sympathetic towards Bathsheba now too. I couldn’t bring myself to like her at first, she was too haughty, and I couldn’t really see why all the male characters found her so utterly fascinating. I think it’s probably because she’s so honest about herself. In spite of her vanity she doesn’t pretend to be anything more than she is. She’s just a bit foolish sometimes.

I certainly don’t want her to get hurt although I suspect that that’s on the horizon (I think all the other characters suspect it too). It’s hard not to feel more kindly towards her when she’s about to make a terrible mistake.

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