A beginning…

I decided on a bit of a whim yesterday to start blogging about the books I read. I’m not sure why I’ve not done it before – I’m constantly scribbling my thoughts in margins, on scraps of paper, in a book journal, on the backs of postcards and receipts…. At least now I can try to keep some of this stuff all in one place.

I’ve just finished reading Daniel Deronda so I’ll try and post something on here about it later. The post I started to write ended up being a bit of an essay so it needs editing down first! It’s so hard to get the right tone. Hopefully I’ll get a bit better with some practice. I’m generally not very good at expressing myself in any format so this might do me some good!

Really by far the trickiest part has been coming up with a name for the blog. I mentioned it to P last night and he very helpfully came up with some suggestions. We considered ‘Super Fun Book Times’, ‘The Book Bitch’, ‘Broken Spine’ and several others. I particularly liked ‘The Book Mangle’ as it manages to be both a very loose play on ‘wordpress’ as well as a reference to Neighbours (we were watching a show about the 30th anniversary at the time).

In the end I settled on ‘The Blue Bore at East Cheap.’ We watched The Hollow Crown boxset recently and I vaguely recalled that the Blue Boar was where all the best bits happen in the Henry plays. Ten minutes after setting up my url I remembered that the inn is actually called The Boar’s Head. Oops. By then it was a bit late and I couldn’t be arsed with changing it.

It doesn’t bode well for my future as a blogger but I will try my very hardest.


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